The Importance Wellbeing In The Workplace

Global companies have long being looking after their employees wellbeing in a number of innovative ways. Google has installed climbing walls, mini golf courses and even sleeping pods as well as on-site fitness centres, an array of healthy food options, financial planning advice, substantial parental leave entitlements, medical support and complementary therapies as well as personal development and learning opportunities tailored to individuals’ interests.

Jo Allison, an analyst at behavioural insights company Canvas8 says “Employers are beginning to understand that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind, and creates a better community and improves output from their teams. If the boss cares, then others give themselves permission to care too.”

According to government statistics, 26.8 million days were lost due to ill health in the UK in 2017 at a cost to £9.7 billion to businesses. So wellbeing in the office is something to be taken very seriously but how can smaller businesses possibly compete with big companies? Across the country there are an increasing number of innovative ways in which businesses are supporting their staffs’ wellbeing at very little cost. For example, employee incentives firms, such as BHSF, Perkbox and Reward Gateway can offer staff benefits such legal advice and round the clock access to a GP at a low cost to employers. Some firms are implementing a system which bans email after 7pm or offers a weeks paid leave for an employee to pursue an interest. John Dean, managing director at consultants Punter Southall Health & Protection says. “Wellbeing is absolutely something small businesses can both do, and afford,” he says. Whether it’s ensuring staff have proper lunch-breaks, to introducing fitness challenges, or offering flexible working.” he argues there are simple steps SMEs can introduce to significantly impact mental wellbeing in particular – now the leading cause of absenteeism from the workplace.

Some simple steps to consider.

Furniture – ensure it’s comfortable and fit for purpose. This includes break out furniture as well as desk furniture.

Temperature – a flexible climate control system means that employees can adjust the temperature to what suits them.

Outside areas – if you have any outside space, make it an inviting place for employees to use. Some fresh air in the working day can do wonders.

Fitness – not many businesses can afford their own gym but encourage sporting activities such as cycle schemes and gym membership.

Surroundings – plants and artwork has been shown to increase productivity. Chose decoration carefully – colours can have different effects of the feel of an office.

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Ozone Secure Full Cat A Office Fit-Out

Ozone have won a fit-out  for an office building based in Chippenham for landlords, the Monday Charitable Trust. Works will include the all electrical and mechanical, partitioning, restrooms, meeting points and decorations. The project will take three months to complete.

The Benefits of Under Floor Air-Conditioning

Refurbishing office buildings designed long before air-conditioning was even a glint in the eye of engineers is the thing of nightmares for office refurbishment companies. The internal structures are stripped back to the core and with low ceilings, little rom is left to install the mechanics demanded in a modern society. A conventional air conditioning system which needs to be installed in the ceiling can take up to 900mm of valuable office space. But if fully conditioned air is fed through zonal units in the floor space and then and recycled it would only need 200-300mm.

The benefits of such are system are extensive. The air-conditioning ducts in the floor space would allow zonal working temperatures for added comfort of individual workers. There would be an improved air-quality as the fresh air would be delivered a floor level rather allowing for a better air flow pattern. Construction costs would be lower for refurbishing buildings as raised flooring is cheaper than creating ceiling space. Improved employee satisfaction as research is being gathered which shows productivity increases when individuals are given greater control of their environment.

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Ozone Commence Project For Standard Life Investments

Ozone Interiors have started work on a full CAT B strip out for landlords, Standard Life Investments prior to the building which was previously occupied by Bacardi, being rented out to new tenants. The offices which are in Winchester cover 6000 square feet and will be returned to CAT A status.

The Benefits Of Living Office Walls

Living or green walls on the external of office buildings are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Apart from the aesthetic reasons, they create green spaces in concrete cities, absorb pollution and attract insects and other wildlife, all of which are good for our environment. But why restrict green walls to the outside? Probably unbeknown to most, offices can also harbour air pollution, created by various toxins in certain types of furniture. One wall can contain up to 1000 plants which filter the air and create energy-rich oxygen.  Living walls can also create acoustic barriers. Many of today’s offices are open plan and the noise levels can be high but the plants absorb some of this sound which would otherwise bounce of hard surfaces.

The physiological benefits can also be huge with green walls being seen as having relaxing and calming, therapeutic effects. This can result in higher productivity which ultimately improves business.

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Living or green walls can be hired on a long term or short term basis or they can be bought outright. They can be moveable or static and come in all shapes and sizes. If you would like to know more about living walls please give us a call or email us at