Ortopaedica Office Furniture Collection

Newly launched from our furniture supplier is the Ortopaedica office furniture collection which offers a comprehensive ergonomically designed solution including seat-slide, inflatable lumbar, inflatable thorax coccyx cut out and Airtech technology. If you wish to experience Ortopaedica in more detail we would be delighted to arrange for the Ortopaedica mobile showroom to visit you. The mobile showroom shows all models fitted with a selection of features and benefits to aid postural support.

Orthopaedica_OC94HA_Black_SynergySerendipity_Synergy_Chemistry_R1 The range is designed to meet the challenging conditions found in today’s commercial environment. Ortopaedica provides the user with the ultimate level of postural support. sculptured seat and back cushions make it an ideal choice for those with back problems. A simple push of a button allows air to flow through a two-way valve, this enables the seat to adjust to the fit of your natural shape and deliver a unique, tailor made seat just for you.

Click here for details of the full range and if you would like a demonstration from the mobile showroom please contact us .

An Office Fit Out & Relocation Guide

An office fit-out or refurbishment can benefit you, your staff and your business in many ways but it should be thoroughly researched and carefully planned to ensure that you are making the correct decisions for the future of your business, that the end result is as you envisioned and your budget hasn’t been exceeded.

A relocation is a huge upheaval and very costly so consider whether it is really necessary. It may be that an office refurbishment is what you require. Are your current offices designed in such a way that it is making the best possible use of the space available to you? An office space planner can redesign your office space on CAD, maximizing the office space available to you by using innovative storage solutions and office partitions. You may be surprised by what can be achieved with some creative thinking!

Consider the following points before deciding whether you need to relocate or whether you can update your current offices. Is your office space enough for company expansion in the future? Is your current office location suitable for the growth of your company? Is it easily accessible for your staff and customers? When does your lease expire and what are the stipulations of your lease? Are your current offices projecting a positive image? What is your budget?

If you have to relocate because your lease has expired or because of business expansion, carefully consider what you need for the future before making any final decisions on a new building. What are you growth expectations for your business over the next 5 to 10 years? What does that mean in terms of office space required? Is the location of your offices vital for staff and customer retention? What are the lease options on the new building?

When you move to a new offices this would require a Cat B fit out which means the offices have basic amenities such as carpets and ceilings and lighting. Our space planner will design your new office space for you but you have a blank page to create exactly what you require for now and the future so get creative with your vision. We can interpret this into practical, creative solutions. However, you should consider the costs carefully. Expenditures will include the office fit-out, office furniture, IT equipment, mechanical and electric systems, phone systems and security. Other costs to consider are business rates, insurance, surveys, rental deposits and service charges.

We understand these are major decisions and they can seem daunting but that is why we are here. We will guide you through all the options and solutions so your office relocation, refurbishment or fit out will run seamlessly.

UK Office Rent Guide and Office Space Calculator

Why Use Office Partitioning?

It is a big decision to make dramatic changes to your office layout, and for that reason a number of organisations have previously preferred to put up with the problems caused by an inefficient office layout rather than face the cost and disruption caused by making changes. In short, they have felt that it is just not worth it. However, one simple but effective solution to the problems caused by ineffective use of office space could be office partitions. Office partitioning is a practical, cost effective way of dividing office space and, creating meeting rooms and boardrooms. There are many partitioning options to choose from as, they can come in any colour you desire or they can be made of glass.

An office partitioning system has many benefits as it maximizing the light distribution in an office, which can cut down on energy expenditure which is better for the environment. It can also create the illusion of space compare to solid walls and give the effect of an open plan office. No matter what sector your business is in, at some point you will need private space. By using partitions to allocate areas of private space, businesses are likely to benefit from the added privacy offered to individuals, thereby improving both the quality of meetings and giving the exclusivity needed.

Other benefits of office partitioning is the relative easiness with which it can be installed and if you decide in the future that you need to change your office layout the partitioning can be altered with little structural modifications which is a cost saver and will mean minimal disruption to your business.

Colours To Optimize Your Workspace

Colour is a key component to many aspects of our lives. We all have colours we prefer, and these are reflected in the clothes we wear and the decorations we have in our house.  The colours you choose for your office refurbishment or fit out will reflect who you are to clients and can affect the productivity of  your staff so it’s essential you carefully consider your scheme. If you are a creative company you may want to choose brighter colours associated with creativity such as orange. If you’re a manufacturer you may want to choose a colour that is associated with trust such as blue. As important is the intensity of the shades you use. Highly saturated bright colours will stimulate, more muted tones will soothe.

White is seen as clean and clinical but also boring and uninspiring – who wants that?! White is best kept to break-out areas. Black emits a feeling of authority but absorbs natural light. If used sparingly it can create a luxurious space if mixed with softer shades.  Blue is associated with depth, stability and communicates a reliable outlook whilst boosting intellectual thought. It also symbolises trust and is beneficial to the body and mind. So it would seem blue is the king of colours but you may want a more creative colour scheme? Try orange. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, it’s associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. If you’re looking for something more restful, green is considered to be the most restful on the eye. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility and has a strong emotional correspondence with safety.

If you can’t decorate you whole office opt for accents so that different teams are surrounded by colours which reflect their particular area of work. Choosing an office scheme colour can be difficult but of course our space design experts are on hand and will create a mood board for your offices.ColourChart2



What’s the Difference Between a Cat A and a Cat B Fit Out?

Category A Fit Out

Category A fit out refers to a basic landlord fit out. So when you arrive at the building it will be an empty shell but with basic essentials included such as the building’s mechanical and electrical services such as lighting  and air conditioning ducts as well as the building’s toilets, access floors, suspended ceilings and basic fire detection systems, and finishes to the internal walls, reception areas and lift lobbies. In a Category A space, then, you would see a shiny raised floor, painted perimeter walls, and a grid ceiling with fitted lights. In other words, the Category A fit out is the blank canvas. You may have to put your office space back to a Cat A if you’re leaving a building in order for the landlord to be able to lease the office space again.

Category B Fit Out

Category B fit out is when your blank canvas comes to life. This is when we collaborate with you to create the style of your new office. No one knows your company better than you, and with a Category B fit out you have the opportunity to work closely with us in order to identify and understand your company culture, and discuss work protocols and plans for the future. This way, you are able to create a tailor-made space that is both stylish and practical, and bring your company’s unique character to life. It will incorporate everything that makes your office individual and functional, including the installation of, for example partitioning, reception areas, break out areas, office space, meeting rooms and rest rooms, branding and corporate colours.