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Office Fit Out Guide

May 2020
You will have many questions before you start your office refurbishment or fit-out. We have put together a rough guide to answer those questions but please do contact us to talk through your ideas. With a good design, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities available to you.


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Where To Begin

An office fit-out or refurbishment can be a daunting prospect. We offer a free consultancy service where we are happy to chat on the phone or come to your premises to discuss your ideas. You can also use our guide below which will give you an idea of what you can expect to achieve with your budget.

How much office space do I need?

This is one of the most common questions asked when considering office space. The rule of thumb is 100 sq. ft per person, 50 sq. ft for the desk and 50 sq. ft for communal areas. In places where rents are higher such as London this can decrease to 70/80 sq. ft per person, space is then saved with storage solutions. When considering office sizes it is worth bearing in mind what space you will need in the future as your business grows. It is better to give employees too much space now therefore allowing for more staff. Taking space away from employees can lead to a drop in morale. Space needed for offices and meeting rooms and communal areas should be calculated approximately as follows; 220 sq. ft for a board room for 15-20 people, 100 sq. ft for a kitchen, 100 sq. ft for a manager’s office and 250 sq. ft for a director’s office.

How much does an office fit-out cost?

Budgeting is the next hurdle and depending on the size of your project an office fit-out could be a sizeable chunk of your business expenditure. Therefore it is important that you are clear on where your budget will be going. Whilst there is no definitive answer as costs will vary depending on location, size and requirements, these figures will give you an idea.

For the strip-out, construction, IT and furniture you will pay approximately £70 per sq. ft for low range fit-out. For a mid range expect to pay £100 per sq. ft and for a high range expect to pay £130 per sq. ft. These are basic costs and there are other factors that may affect them. Consider if you only need cosmetic work? Any structural work to create new walls, door or windows will add to the cost. Are your mechanical and electrical systems up to date? New air conditioning for example may have to be costed for. Furthermore, what are your timelines? If you want the job completed in a short amount of time this will cost more as out of hours work will be required.

Which office furniture?

We will design the layout of your office with the amount of desks and seating you require. We are a trusted supplier of Senator Furniture who are the largest British manufacturer of office furniture. Their products are of the highest quality and they have a range to suit every taste and budget. We can arrange for samples to be sent to your workplace so you can try before you buy. We recommend, for a mid range office fit-out the spend will be between £300 and £600 per person for a chair, a desk and a set of drawers. However, this amount will change if you’re running a flexible office or a co-working office. It is worth investing in quality furniture if your budget will allow it. Many studies have shown that comfortable seating and desks can save many working hours. You will also make a good impression on potential employees and clients.

Hopefully this has given you some idea of what you should expect when working towards your budget. Please be aware that there are many other elements that can cause the costs to increase such as any structural work required.

For a full analysis of your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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