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Harnessing the Power of Natural Light

March 2020


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One of the most important aspects of a workplace is the level of employee wellbeing. This is an important factor that applicants and candidates will check out before they apply for a job at a company, and it is also an important factor that is considered as part of business plans and designs for the future. There are myriad ways to improve your employees’ wellbeing, but one of the easiest and often overlooked ways to do this is through the implementation of some natural light in the workplace. 

In a lot of workplaces, especially those at ground level or even below, there is simply not enough natural light allowed to flow through the office. Not only can this make the workplace less desirable for those working in it, but it can also have a negative impact on the employees’ wellbeing and even the productivity levels of the business. Harnessing the power of natural light is a brilliant way to boost each of these aspects of the workplace, and overall make it a better place to be. 

Many studies have been carried out to determine the benefits of natural light in the workplace with varying results, but it is obvious that natural light, in most cases, allows for a more – as obvious as it sounds – natural look within the workplace. Having too many LED lights and screens around the office as the only sources of light can give it a very artificial feel, and it can also lead to many sore heads, among other problems. Having a sufficient number of windows should not just be seen as a possible distraction, but should instead be used to provide swathes of natural light to pour into the office.

One other impact that natural light can have on employees involves their internal clocks. Our bodies are adapted to work and function actively during the day, i.e. when it is light outside, and then to wind down as it gets dark and eventually go to sleep. In order to function with maximum productivity and focus, workers require a certain level of light in the room, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by letting some natural light in. It will go a long way towards improving productivity, but it will also ensure that your office is not having a detrimental effect on the circadian rhythms, or sleep cycles of your staff.

Obviously, natural light is not always sufficient in a workplace, especially in less favourable climates that enjoy less sun than others. So, it requires a balance between natural and artificial to keep light levels at their optimum. Having plenty of windows will allow you to implement some other natural additions to the workplace as well, such as an array of plants over at the window, even improving the air quality of the office in the process. With effective natural light solutions, you will be able to drastically improve your employees’ wellbeing and increase the productivity of your business.

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