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Office Design Expert Tips to Follow

May 2018


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Office Design Expert Tips to Follow

Designing or redesigning your office space can be a daunting prospect but if you have an idea in your mind of what you would like but cannot quite make the whole plan come together consider these tips. Once you’ve got a full grasp on what is possible and what you really should be considering you’ll be in a much better position to put together a budget for your project. Of course Ozone Interiors are here to guide you through the whole process and will come up with comprehensive costings but it’s always a good idea not to be completely in the dark when you’re approaching a sizeable spend.

  1. Consider how you can improve the space in your offices if you’re looking to expand now or in the future. Walls can be removed to create open plan space or partitions can be installed to create privacy.
  2. What impression do you want to give clients and prospective employees? Attractive office space can lead to staff retention and satisfaction which in the long run leads to increased productivity. Clients will be more impressed by modern offices that truly reflect your business.
  3. Ensure you make the most of any natural light available to you which can improve focus and attentiveness.
  4. Create break out areas that your staff want to spend time in. Not some grimy kitchen tucked away in the corner but an open space where people can relax and socialise in their break time which will encourage communication.
  5. Remember storage. A cluttered workspace gives the impression of disorganisation and can impact of people’s ability to work efficiently. Today there are some amazing storage solutions available for every office space.
  6. Choose the best office furniture your budget will allow. You and your staff will be spending a lot of time sitting behind desks so make sure that you’re comfortable. Many work hours are lost each year from back pain and other medical conditions caused by shoddy office furniture.

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