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How To Design A Startup Workspace

September 2020
Any startup is going to want to hit the ground running. To achieve this, workspace design is pivotal because it’s about creating the right working environment.


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If you are a startup, you are going to need to place a focus on ensuring that your workspace is relaxed, smart and modern. You need your workforce to feel inspired about working for you and that’s where workspace design is crucial.

Create A Flexible Startup Workspace

Ideally, the design will need to flexible, especially if you are a modern startup. You might want a space that can be changed from usable desk space to a meeting room just by sliding a few doors or a screen. A flexible space offers much more while it can also grow with your business as you take on more staff.

Make It Feel Comfortable

Staff don’t want to work in uncomfortable places. They want colour, warmth and something edgy as this inspires them to become more productive. Create a wellbeing area, a space where they can escape to if they want to chat about work with colleagues or quietly work through a project.  When they feel as though they are comfortable, the workplace becomes a space that they want to enjoy which is always a positive when it comes to growing your startup.

Consider Employee Inclusion

You want to inspire creativity when it comes to your employees and that is why they should become a part of the design. Harsh furniture, cold spaces and a lack of creativity in design can actually hold your workforce back. Therefore, try to gain an understanding of how they work. Do they prefer the laid back approach of working in a communal space or do they prefer cubicles where they can work alone? Mix it up by having comfortable seating for team meetings and bean bags for something unique.  You might want to use their inspiration when it comes to creating interesting wall designs. Bringing your staff into the process will help them feel as though they are a part of your business.

A Balance Of Space And Privacy

You want to encourage collaboration because that’s how startups thrive. Yet you want to offer secluded space for those who don’t want to be interrupted when the creative juices are flowing. So, balance space by having casual open areas where people can work collectively and meeting rooms where you can have formal gatherings. Finding that perfect balance is vital when it comes to the design of your startup office.

Encourage Light In Your Workspace Design

You want light and lots of it as it’s better for the wellbeing of your workforce. Opt for naturally tinted windows that stop the glare of the sun but still allow natural light to flood into the space. Add some plants and a touch of nature too. This injection of colour helps to lighten the space while it makes the air healthier too.

Office design has changed and modern startups are considered edgy and unique. Therefore, your workforce are going to expect a working environment that is completely different yet inspiring.

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