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The Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Workplace

March 2020
If biophilic design is not a concept with which you are familiar, you are definitely not alone. Although the premises behind the phrase are nothing new, the idea of biophilic design in the workplace is relatively modern. Biophilia is, by definition, the love of nature and living things, and for a workplace this essentially means implementing some natural features into an otherwise artificial environment. There are lots of benefits to biophilic design in the workplace, and they are quite easy to take advantage of with some simple steps.

Photos by Adam Grzesik, Office In Warsaw

Photos by Adam Grzesik, Office In Warsaw

Photos by Adam Grzesik, Office In Warsaw


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One of the easiest ways to implement biophilia in the workplace is by adding some plants to the office. There are countless options to consider, and they are usually fairly cheap. However, you can also enjoy countless benefits too. The obvious benefit to implementing plants will be the effect on the room’s aesthetic, as plants can turn an otherwise boring room into something truly beautiful. With so many bright colours and patterns, an office can be transformed with some effective plant placement.

However, another great benefit to implementing plants in the workplace is the improvement in air quality. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen in the process, which can make a huge difference for those in tight, stuffy workplaces. If the carbon dioxide levels in an office get too high it can lead to employees feeling more tired and thus less productive, and so by simply adding a few plants to the workplace you can maintain higher levels of oxygen and more productivity.

Biophilia in the workplace does not only come in the form of physical, natural things, as biomimicry is another popular way to bring some life into an office. This involves copying nature’s patterns, be it a honeycomb structure for the shelving or effective use of wood and other natural materials. These can be very simple ways to give a natural feel to the workplace, and it can be a very easy way to bring mundane areas of the office to life – just take this vibrant Allegro office in Warsaw as an real-life example, the biophilia instantly brings this modern workspace to life! 

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Photos by Adam Grzesik, Office In Warsaw

Another aspect of biophilia in the workplace that many do not consider is the image that it conveys of your business to those outside of it. If your office is full of plants and natural designs, your business will most likely come across as a health-conscious, environmentally-aware business that cares about its workers, customers and the rest of the planet too. This can not only boost morale within the business, but it can also go a long way towards promoting your business to the world and displaying your key qualities.

Human beings have an innate affinity towards natural objects and designs, and so by implementing these throughout the workplace you can make employees feel more connected and thus have a more positive state of mind. When workers are happy, they will be more engaged and thus more productive. Biophilia in the workplace does not have to be expensive or difficult to implement, and the benefits can come in various forms.


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