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Coronavirus Preparation

Converting offices for COVID 19

Under government guidelines, you may be required to make changes to your office space.

Employers have a duty to look after the health and safety of their employees. In these unprecedented times, it is difficult to comprehend all the changes in the office that are required. Ozone Interiors can guide you through the options.

Of course, many people will continue to work from home but there is still a place for the working office. But the office as we know it will need to be adapted to create more fluid working conditions.  The changes we make now will be in place for the long term so the changes are worth investing in. Depending on the size of your business there are a number of options to consider.

A Safe Environment

You could leave alternative desks empty but this creates a lot of wasted space. We can install larger desks to ensure that the two metre distance is kept between staff but with less space wastage. Anti-bacterial screens that can be adapted to fit different furniture can be placed between desks and around receptions.

The open-plan office has been the go-to option but now may be the time to create individual cubicle offices. With the use of a partitioning system, they are relatively simple to build, with minimal disruption. The open-plan feel can still be achieved with the use of glass partitions.

Additional space may have to be created for break areas or safe outside areas can be built. Seating layouts in break rooms will also have to be changed to ensure social distancing. We can also install signage, to remind people about social distancing, from circles around desks, to lanes in corridors and standing spots in lifts. A clockwise walking direction around the office could also be implemented.

How Ozone can help

There are a number of small and large changes you can make to your office space to ensure the safety of your staff. Some will be obvious to you, such as hand sanitizer stations, providing face masks, and regular cleaning of door handles etc.

However, we are here to guide you through the larger changes you need to make as we all take those tentative steps back to working life. If you would prefer a video call to discuss your requirements, that can be arranged. We are on hand for any advice you may need.

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We are extremely pleased with the works Ozone Interiors carried out for us. The project was extremely challenging because the majority of works had to be carried out whilst the office continued to operate but Ozone were efficient and professional and completed on time with the minimal amount of disruption.

Dave Aston, Director of IT, NHS Berkshire


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