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Top Office Trends of 2020

August 2020
The office environment can have a real impact on how staff feel. However, new design trends are changing the office environment for the better. Many of us spend a large portion of our lives in the office but for many, the office environment is uninspiring and can leave you feeling sapped of energy and productivity. However, this is all changing because office design trends are now placing a focus on improving the wellbeing of staff. So, with this in mind, what trends are we seeing?


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Incorporating Natural Light Enhances Wellbeing

Natural light has an impact on our wellbeing and so, it is now becoming an integral part of office design. Natural light makes us feel happier, calmer and it provides us with more energy which is always good for productivity. When staff feel happier, they are likely to interact better and feel better which is a positive. As a result, office designers are looking to utilise open spaces and large windows to encourage natural light to fill spaces.

Improved Wellbeing With Multi-Functional Workspaces

Also known as dynamic spaces, these spaces are unique in that they include indoor and outdoor access through movable dividers, doors and even seating. The idea here is to create an office space that can be adapted to the ever-changing world of business. However, what this means is that the office space is constantly changing, keeping things interesting and fresh.

Large, cumbersome and imposing furniture has been replaced with lightweight furniture, adjustable lighting and removable walls that can transform an office into a production area, a studio or a meeting room. The flexibility is great for wellbeing and is one of the top office design trends out there.

A Comforting Design Improves Wellbeing

The corporate, harsh looking work environments are now a thing of the past. When it comes to wellbeing, staff are not encouraged by decor that is grey and dull. More people are now working from home and now, employers are trying to replicate that home comfort in the office. They are creating comforting space that create a community feel and that meets the needs of employees. Enhancing social interaction with plush seating and coffee areas enables employees to feel more at ease in the workplace.

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