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COVID-19: Ways To Convert Your Office

April 2020
In the future, many us will continue to work from home. This may be out of choice or to ensure the safety of others, and ourselves in the shared office. What is certain, at least for the foreseeable future, is that the office space as we know it needs to change.


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Countries around the world are beginning to relax lockdowns and millions of people are returning to work. However, the path ahead is precarious and we must do are upmost to minimise the spread of the virus.

Desk Space

We will need to continue with social distancing for many months and this applies in the place of work as well. Office desks have shrunk over the decades, from 1.8 metre to 1.4 metre but it is likely that we’ll see a reverse of the shrinking desk. Alternatively, staff can have one empty desk between them so days in the office will have to be alternated. It is also inevitable that desks will need to be fitted with sneeze screens.

If hot-desking is to continue, how will we keep them clean? As well as the obvious solutions, such as hand sanitizer, there are other simple solutions such as a paper placemat which staff will have to throw away at the end of each day.

End of Open-Plan?

For decades, the open plan office has been the go-to option, encouraging a sociable scene at work. This trend may be about to end though with individual offices being created. This can be done fairly simply with partitioning. The open feel of your office space can still be achieved by choosing a glass option.


Rather like road signs, office spaces could have visual clues to keep your distance, from circles around desks, to lanes in corridors and standing spots in lifts. A clockwise walking direction around the office could also be implemented.


Companies may have to invest in new contactless technology to reduce transmission. Once such installation is called ‘contactless corridors’ whereby employees rarely need to touch the building. Doors open automatically using motion sensors and lifts can be ordered from a smart phone.

Fresh Air

Ventilation can help reduce the spread of the virus so perhaps in the future we will see office opening their windows rather than being the closed, air conditioned boxes that most currently are. If filtered air is the only option, companies may have to invest in high end air purifiers.

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