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Optimal Office Space Design

August 2020
What Is The Optimal Office Space Design For Productivity? Office design has a significant impact on productivity. The right design can help your employees become more productive while it will also boost morale.


Office Design


From large office spaces to home office space, the design can have an impact on productivity. We look at ways in which you can alter office space design to improve productivity.

An Efficient Layout Improves Productivity

Office design space can alter the way in which people feel. If you use space efficiently and provide space for work, collaboration and breaks then it is going to leave employees feeling better about the work environment. It’s not about the space you have but the layout that makes a difference. If everything is cluttered then people will feel enclosed. If you open things up and use the space efficiently, you’ll find that staff will benefit.

Office Space Design Enhanced By Nature

Naturally, we have a desire to connect with the outside world and nature in particular. Most office blocks are located in grey, dull areas that are far away from inspirational views and nature. The artificial lighting and air conditioning can leave lacking energy but it’s possible to change all that.

To make a change, it is slightly more than adding plants to desks. It’s about implementing natural colours and materials that bring nature into the office space. This is known as biophilic design and the benefits are huge. It can help to reduce stress and that in turn helps to improve sick leave. Adding plants on desks but also around the office will improve oxygen levels and that aids concentration in staff. This will improve productivity and creativity.

You could opt to create green spaces where people can work if they wish and add as much natural light as possible. You could even encourage people to have meetings outside if possible.

Scents and Productivity Go Together

We all have a certain smell or scent that lifts our mood and our concentration levels. As a result, adding scents to the office environment can make a big difference in productivity. It can help to refocus the mind and that can work whether it’s a large office or a small office at home.

There are certain scents that can work such as pine which can improve alertness or cinnamon to help improve focus. Lavender aids relaxation while peppermint can help to lift your mood. For those early mornings, tired employees would benefit from the smell of citrus. These scents can transform the feel of an office and inspire staff to become more productive. While it’s not safe to light candles in a standard office space, at home, it’s possible to do this to help add a scent to the room.

There are plants available that provide a calming scent although diffusers can help to spread aromas around the office. Even opening the windows and allowing the smells of nature to fill the office can have an impact.

Office space design is about ensuring your workplace offers the perfect environment for your staff. This can range from using space efficiently to creating a calmer environment by incorporating nature.

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