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Activity-Based Workplaces

March 2020


Office Design


The idea of activity-based workplaces may sound strange, but in today’s society businesses are always looking for ways to improve their employees’ well-being, as well as increase the overall productivity of the business. One of the main ways that businesses can do this is by implementing measures, as well as physical equipment and furniture, into the workplace to encourage more activity in order to boost employee engagement.


Modern workers tend to enjoy it when they are given more flexibility in the workplace, and the ability to work under (some of) their own conditions is very appealing to most. This can be in the form of where they work as well as at what times, along with, of course, what they actually do in the workplace. The essence of an activity-based workplace is to give employees more choice with regard to their overall working environment. It may involve providing them with more “on-demand” solutions to things, or it could involve giving them more freedom to choose where in the office they will be working today.


The main component of this kind of space is the workplace design. This usually involves creating a variety of different workspaces within the office, ranging from solo, high-concentration areas that are away from common distractions such as the water cooler, to group working tables that encourage more discussion and collaboration. Giving workers the option to spend some time completing their tasks on their own, or to seek help from their colleagues in the conference room will give them more flexibility and make them more comfortable, knowing they can do things the way that they want to.


Having clearly defined workspaces then becomes very important, as employees will rely on visual cues when deciding where best to carry out their work. The idea of flexibility is still there, but if everyone knows exactly what activity each place in the office is for, they will be able to make quick and informed decisions that will have a positive impact on their productivity. If everyone is on the same page and knows where the best places are in the office for which kinds of task, the team will be much stronger and more capable of working together effectively.


An important group of people at the company will have a large impact on the success of the implementation of an activity-based workplace, and that group is the management and senior staff. The leaders of the group have to lead by example for this to work, and employees will feel much more comfortable making their own decisions if their supervisors and managers encourage the flexibility directly. It is one thing to create effective and varying workspaces, but if management are not fully behind the changes then employees will be hesitant to make use of the changes.


Activity-based workplaces can be extremely effective when employed in the right way, and you will be able to yield the benefits of this modern workplace trend as long as your full team is behind it.


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