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Simple Steps To Make Your Office Greener

October 2017


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Simple Steps To Make Your Office Greener

People are more environmentally aware than ever and employing a business that has a good green ethic has become increasingly important so don’t get left behind. There are major changes you can implement but to get you started some simple changes can make all the difference and it can save you money.

Firstly get everyone involved. Communicate with staff your aims and plans to create a more environmentally friendly office then hold regular meetings so your staff can share their ideas. Designate responsibility between team members to implement the ideas and to encourage involvement and have goals! An action plan showing how you’re achieving these goals will create enthusiasm amongst your staff.

It may seem obvious but reuse and recycle. Before you recycle think, are you able to reuse the office materials first? Think about using both sides of paper when printing and taking notes. Look into local recycling schemes for kitchen waste, printer ink cartridges, cardboard and more.

Take a look at what you are spending on office stationary. Encourage staff to share stationary and order refills rather than brand new items. If convenient, provide shared printers and other IT equipment which can save the amount of energy being used. Do lights need to switched on in all areas of the office? Encourage staff to turn off monitors when they’re away from their desks and switch off plug sockets.

Discuss with your staff greener ways of commuting to work, including car shares, public transport, cycling and walking. Try offering an incentive for anyone who tries new options, for example a train season ticket.

Finally do a bit of research on your suppliers and products. Aim to favour eco-friendly ones. Using locally sourced suppliers will also reduce the carbon footprint of your deliveries.

If you start to implement these simple eco-friendly initiatives you’ll be socially responsible, saving money and more attractive to your customers. What’s not to like?

For more office environmentally friendly ideas take a look at the sustainable business toolkit.

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