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The Benefits of Under Floor Air-Conditioning

September 2018


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The Benefits of Under Floor Air-Conditioning

Refurbishing office buildings designed long before air-conditioning was even a glint in the eye of engineers is the thing of nightmares for office refurbishment companies. The internal structures are stripped back to the core and with low ceilings, little rom is left to install the mechanics demanded in a modern society. A conventional air conditioning system which needs to be installed in the ceiling can take up to 900mm of valuable office space. But if fully conditioned air is fed through zonal units in the floor space and then and recycled it would only need 200-300mm.

The benefits of such are system are extensive. The air-conditioning ducts in the floor space would allow zonal working temperatures for added comfort of individual workers. There would be an improved air-quality as the fresh air would be delivered a floor level rather allowing for a better air flow pattern. Construction costs would be lower for refurbishing buildings as raised flooring is cheaper than creating ceiling space. Improved employee satisfaction as research is being gathered which shows productivity increases when individuals are given greater control of their environment.

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