NHS Children’s Specialist Centre

The Brief

For many years the NHS Dingley Children’s centre has been supporting children with special needs and disabilities. The children loved attending the centre but the facilities were falling along way short of what was needed.The Victorian building it was located in though was cramped with narrow corridors and small rooms and the NHS was in desperate need of a new building.

An ideal building was sourced for the new centre on the White Knights campus at Reading University. It had been used as a science centre so it had a whole floor dedicated to laboratories and offices. A lot of work was going to be required to turn this large space into a modern space with state of the art facilities.

The Solution

A full strip out was required where all the laboratories and equipment was removed which would take several weeks. Internal walls, offices and toilets were also removed. Once we had a clear space to work in we could start to install the dividing walls to create a large gym area, a number of consultant rooms, toilets,  a waiting room and reception. Every aspect had to be carefully considered to ensure that it met the standards required for the centre and the extra needs required by the children. It was a huge undertaking but we are pleased to say that the works went incredibly well and we are very proud of the results. We know that the children are very excited about the grand opening of the centre which will happen in March 2020.

Duration 28 weeks